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Dark water potholes permeate the road on Lower Baud Street in Winnemucca leading to a place once called “The Line”.

A sign and red light atop a 20-foot steel pole advertising the Pussycat Saloon are all that remain of what and where once stood three brothels. The buildings were scraped off years ago to make room for more grandiose sexual ambitions. 

Across the paved parking area two cat houses remain, but only one, the Villa Joy is open, the other, named the Wild West Saloon is closed for remodeling. At the Villa Joy three girls did a “Line up”.

Scent implies a mild essence, fragrantly pleasing, but this was not scent, this was odor, stale turds, bus station bathroom urinal quality…..beer and deviled egg sandwiches on dry sourdough bread. Half empty drink glasses complimented cigarette butts laying in half emptied ashtrays.

Cigar smoking is not allowed in there, but farting apparently is. This wasn’t scent, this was a miasma of fetid swamp gas permeating the room the moment you walked in.

The air smelled bad…the essence of meals poorly planned with little regard for nutritional value. The essence of sexual effluvia co-mingled with cigarette smoke and partially finished drinks sitting on the bar in a poorly ventilated environment of bad alchemy.